General FAQs

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How is my fracture being billed?

Many children with fractures (or breaks) will be put under what is called a “Global Fracture” care plan. According to CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) guidelines, fracture care is billed as a “global” service. This means that at the time of initial care, a bill is generated that includes the evaluation of the fracture, the first cast application, and 90 days of normal follow-up care.

There will not be a fee associated with seeing the doctor for follow-up visits of this injury, but there could be a charge for x-rays and any additional durable medical equipment, depending on your individual plan’s coverage and benefits. So, if x-rays and medical equipment go towards a co-payment, we will just bill your insurance company for those services. If, however, x-rays and/or durable medical equipment go towards a deductible or out of pocket expense, we will collect accordingly at the end of your visit. Additionally, any application of any additional casting (so, a second or third cast) is not covered under the Global Fracture Care. Waterproofing of casts, Physical Therapy, and future evaluations of a new injury/pain will not count as part of the Fracture Global.

If you have questions regarding your bill, our billing office will be able to assist you at

I’m coming in for an appointment, where do I park?

In our Cedar Park, Westlake, Four Points, and South PT offices we have parking lots directly outside the buildings. At the Central office, you will need to park in the “Strictly Pediatrics” garage located directly behind the building. We do not validate for parking.

My child needs a note for school absence or activity restrictions, what do I do?

We are happy to write up a school note for any missed classes or for the physician’s limitations for your child. A patient representative will be happy to assist you at 512-478-8116. The written note will be available at any of our locations for pick up. We can also mail the note to your residence or fax to your personal fax machine. We are not allowed to send any information directly to the school.

The physician has ordered additional imaging, what is the next step?

If additional imaging has been ordered (such as MRI/CT/Ultrasound, etc.) our clinic nurse will first contact your insurance company for any required authorization. Once the authorization is obtained, the orders will then be sent to the imaging facility. We may refer to ARA (Austin Radiological Association), DCMC (Dell Children’s Medical Center), or River Ranch Radiology. You will then either receive a phone call directly from the facility to schedule the exam, or from our clinic nurse with instructions on how to schedule the exam. For routine studies, the entire process could take up to 24-48 hours.

Additional labs were ordered by the physician, what is the next step?

If any additional lab work is ordered, we are able to view results from CPL (Clinical Pathology Laboratory). The lab order sheet will be filled out by the nurse and sent electronically to CPL and a hard copy will be printed for you. If you arrive at the CPL facility and there is no order on file, please call our office at 512-478-8116.

The physician ordered Physical or Occupational Therapy for my child, how/where do I schedule?

If PT or OT is ordered, the physician will write a prescription that you will need to obtain the therapy treatment. Checkout will be happy to schedule you at any of our five facilities (Central Austin, Cedar Park, Four Points, Westlake, and South PT). If none of these facilities are convenient for you, you may take the prescription to any outside office for therapy.

My child will need surgery, how do I schedule that?

To schedule your child’s procedure, please call our patient representatives at 512-478-8116. We will get you in touch with the nurse of your physician who will help you schedule your upcoming surgery.