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Getting to Know Dr. Robert Dehne

Those that are lucky enough to choose a career path they love and stay passionate about it even after doing it for years and years are some of the luckiest people on this earth. Dr. Robert Dehne is one of the lucky ones. With over 30 years of practicing pediatric orthopedics, he still loves what he does each and every day.

His passion for helping others and his focus on honest, hard work are at the center of what he does and who he is as a physician. His main goal is for his patients to feel how much he loves what he does and for them to feel comfortable knowing he has the right experience to help them through any injury or diagnosis. He knows how much trust is placed in him by parents and strives to uphold that trust as he helps children on their road to recovery.

Working with children all day every day definitely leads to some unique experiences and funny stories. So many in fact that Dr. Dehne can't even chose a favorite! The best part about working with children (besides keeping him humble!) for him is that without fault, someone makes him laugh everyday. They do say laughter is the best medicine, so it's fun to be able to get a dose of that every single day!

When he's not working, you'll catch him cooking as much as he can, especially Cajun food! Dr. Dehne used to live in New Orleans and just couldn't leave all that yummy Cajun food behind so he learned to make it himself! He also loves to be outdoors exploring the beautiful Hill Country and continuing to build out his eclectic record collection.

CTPO is so lucky to have an amazing and caring physician like Dr. Dehne on our team and we could not be more thankful to him for continuing to provide excellent pediatric orthopedic card for the children of Central Texas!

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