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Getting To Know Dr. Ryan Murdock

The Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated is something a lot of us strive to uphold in our daily lives. For Dr. Murdock, not only does he champion this tenet with his patients but takes it a step further by endeavoring that they leave their visit feeling like they received the best possible care.

Physician life is a big part of the family in the Murdock household, as his wife is also a doctor and the grounding force for their family of 5 (plus 1 fur child!) When they're not practicing medicine, you can catch them traveling (when possible) or enjoying all sorts of outdoor family fun like riding bikes, and the occasional wilderness walk!

One of the reasons Dr. Murdock loves being in pediatrics is the opportunity to hear the unique insights and witty jokes patients share with him. It always leads to big smiles and laughter and who doesn't love that?! One of the funniest interactions he had with a patient was after she said her tummy hurt, Dr. Murdock asked if she had to toot. This led to her making him a bracelet that said "Dr. Fart" which she gifted him at her next visit. He still laughs at it every time he sees it in his office! Kids are resilient and always seem to find the light and humor even in the most serious situations, which makes for many entertaining and inspiring days for Dr. Murdock!

If Dr. Murdock's could give parents one tip, it would be that communication and setting expectations are key to a successful treatment. There is no question that is too silly or odd to ask-- the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. He always wants to make sure you and your child feel comfortable and well taken care of. Happy and healthy is the goal at the end of the day!

Dr. Murdock has been a great addition to CTPO and we're so happy to have him on our team! We're excited to have him along as we head into our next 30 years!

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