The best part of this job is the relationships built with patients and their families and the impact on a child’s health and long term well being you can have teaching them about their own bodies and its ability to heal. 


I like to call the PT gym “the fun room” and always try to find a way to make exercise enjoyable through games or banter. I enjoy the puzzle of finding out exactly how to get a patient’s “buy-in” regardless of whether it is a bubbly environment, a diagram of anatomical structures or just someone who genuinely cares for them."

My constant smile, calling everyone “sunshine” and my not so great stick figure drawing on exercise sheets.

I love baking and decorating cookies, building things with my hands, renovating reclaimed items, beach volleyball and being outside hiking with my husband and dogs (one that is adorable and one that causes trouble) - Pearl and Avery!

  • The University of Texas - Bachelor’s of Nutrition 

  • Texas Woman’s University - Doctorate of Physical Therapy

  • Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine

  • 7+ years of specializing in Pediatric Physical Therapy at CTPO

Now is the time to start developing a healthy understanding of the human body and how important an active, healthy lifestyle will be in the long run.

I put 110% of myself into my patient’s care and always strive to be the best in the field in regards to keeping up with research/best practices for pediatric orthopedic setting. I genuinely care about the well being of every person who walks through my door.

There are numerous occasions when young patient attempt to perform an exercise and have passed gas. We laugh it off.

When you get that email from a previous patient who was so inspired by the time we spent together, they have chosen to pursue and have been accepted to PT school. 

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