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Financial Policy

1. Co-pays and deductibles are due at the time services are rendered.


2. Patients without health insurance shall be charged according to the Central Texas Pediatric Orthopedics & Scoliosis Surgery fee schedule.


3. Patients without sufficient financial resources to pay their bills may make arrangements for a payment plan or charity care, at the physician’s discretion.


4. The physicians of CTPO reserve the right to charge 5% interest on any charges not paid by third-party payors which are more than 60 days delinquent, and to turn over to our collections agency (MPB Credit Bureau) any accounts delinquent after 90 days.


5. Any questions regarding charges incurred or patient accounts must be directed to our billing agency, National Billing Partners, located in Austin, Texas at (888) 608-7999. Questions not able to be answered by NBP may be directed to Annette Stewart, (512) 478-8116.


6. A fee not to exceed $30 will be collected prior to researching and copying patient medical records or filling out medical leave paperwork.


7. Regarding unpaid bills greater than $200 over any applicable co-payment or deductible:


These will not be subject to our policy of furnishing adverse information to consumer reporting agencies regarding amounts owed by the patient IF the patient finalizes a payment plan agreement within 45 days of receiving the first statement.


8. When requesting an estimate for charges for a patient not covered by insurance or any government entitlement program, or for services not covered by third-party payors, or for patients seeking “out of network” medical care, please note that:


      a. Charges may vary based on the patient’s condition and other factors related to the art of practicing medicine;
      b. The request can delay the scheduling of care;
      c. The actual charges may differ from the amount paid by the third-party payer; and,
      d. The patient is personally liable for the charges not paid by health insurance.


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