Pain and injuries are part of most athletes' lives. The dedicated sports medicine specialists at CTPO are here to make sure those injuries interfere as little as possible with our young athletes.


Whether your child is having pain while competing, has sustained an overuse injury, or has suffered a ligament tear or cartilage injury, our sports medicine team is here to get your child back in the game.


Shoulder- shoulder pain, rotator cuff, little league shoulder, biceps tendinitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, swimmers shoulder, separated shoulder, shoulder dislocation, throwers shoulder, torn labrum

Elbow- elbow pain, little league elbow, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, pitcher elbow pain, Tommy Johns, UCL tear, ulnar collateral ligament tear, elbow OCD, ulnar nerve pain

Knee- knee pain, anterior knee pain, patella pain, patellar tendinitis, patellar dislocation, knee cap dislocation, Osgood Schlatters, SLJ, Sinding Larsen Johansen disease, jumpers knee, ACL tear, MCL tear, meniscus tear, medial meniscus tear, lateral meniscus tear, LCL tear, OCD, popping knee, PCL tear, MPFL

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