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I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis when I was 10 and I began to see Dr. Gottschalk when I was 12. As someone who has seen many doctors, I can say there are few who are as kind as he is.


I have undergone almost two dozen surgeries over 8 years with Dr. Gottschalk and he was with me every step of the way. He has never been afraid to go above and beyond to make sure I had the best care possible and be there for me.


Truly, he is one of the most dedicated physicians I have ever met and I am thankful to be his patient."

- Molly M.

Molly M.jpg

Meet Molly


We Love This Family


Dr. Gottschalk is an exceptional physician who has treated two of my children. Not only is he a brilliant, highly trained and skilled surgeon who completed the most competitive programs, but he also always maintains a warm and caring bedside manner.


We have now had the experience of seeing him following an acute hand emergency and during a less critical but ongoing growth related leg pain. In both scenarios, he thoughtfully and patiently answered our every question even when it extended past his usual clinic hours.


His concerned and conservative approach calmed not only my child but the worried parent and yielded complete recoveries. Dr. Gottschalk is so passionate about his calling that he completed studies in overlapping specialties and continues to spend his rare vacations treating children in underserved countries.


Austin is blessed to have such a qualified and caring physician to entrust our children!"

-  Amanda M.


At 16, our son sustained a pretty severe injury to his left arm during football practice. Nate was devastated — this was his last spring off-season with his teammates in preparing for his senior year.  

He told Dr. Ellington how bummed out he was in sustaining such an injury going into the senior year of high school as varsity Quarterback. Without missing a beat, Dr. Ellington put him at ease and made him feel comfortable. 

As a college offensive linemen back in the day, Dr. Ellington joked about how offensive linemen always took care of Quarterbacks, and that he was going to do the very same for Nate.

Almost immediately, my wife and I could see the special bond between Dr. Ellington and Nate and the reassurance and confidence coming from our son. Needless to say, Nate fully recovered from his injury and was back on the field for his senior year.
Words cannot express how we feel about Dr. Ellington and what he means to Nate and our family! Nate’s mom and I are forever grateful and thankful for him."

- Tim J.

Nate Jackson #11 & Dad.jpeg

Star Quarterback Nate!


It was stressful moving to Central Texas while our daughter was in the middle of treatment for several orthopedic issues. She was born with a rare neurological disorder, Moebius Syndrome, as well as some other congenital abnormalities. When we met with Dr. Ellington, he assessed her condition and decided to bring in Dr. Dehne and Dr. Souder to consult and lay out a treatment plan for her. 

With their team approach to her care, she underwent a series of surgeries. Being only 7 years old, this was a scary time for both her and us but the doctors and staff at CTPO made all the difference in our experience. 

With the surgical interventions and physical therapy she received, she is now walking straighter than ever and gaining strength faster compared to before. Our family felt at ease almost immediately with the team of doctors that we met at CTPO, and we would tell you that you will be in great hands with them. Abigail’s visits with the doctors and therapists are always a highlight to her day. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our choice to trust this team!"