At CTPO we believe in building a culture of giving back. By combining our efforts in charitable giving and volunteer activities, our staff is able to share their voice and work together to create a greater impact.


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We are proud supporters of the Austin Trail of Lights!

Because the gift of giving is the greatest of all. 







Each year members of our team travel with the Children’s Surgical Global Outreach of Central Texas, to Guatemala where we partner with the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center to offer pediatric orthopedic surgery. 





"We screen over 100 kids from all over Guatemala; most travel several days to get to the Moore Center in Guatemala City.  The Moore Center is a multi-purpose children's hospital / surgical center for all sub-specialties. We have a local Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon, who lives in Guatemala City, help with screening patients and follow up.  He sends us photos and x-rays throughout the year. 


Most procedures involve congenital hand and lower extremity conditions (syndactyly, polydactyly, clubfoot, etc...) as well as post-traumatic deformity and even hip dysplasia. We are very careful to do what is safe and appropriate given the limited resources we have and what is best for the child and family.  This year we did a total of 66 surgeries in 4 days combined with Dr. Combs, a pediatric plastic surgeon!


The trip is an emotionally and physically demanding trip, but worth it once you see how appreciative the families are, and how much you have improved the quality of life for these kids.  The staff of techs, nurses, and anesthesiologists is amazing, and the collaboration is awesome!"


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