Helping injured children and adolescents get back to their activities as efficiently as possible is incredibly rewarding.


I am a 6th generation Texan and former college athlete. Growing up in a small town in East Texas, I played football and baseball. While at Austin College, I was a four-year starting center on the football team and served as captain of the team my senior year.


I understand the demands our athletes face and take great pride in getting those same athletes back on the field. I grew up visiting Austin and am thrilled to be raising my family here.


My wife, Meghan, is a Physician Assistant whom I met in medical school on a surgical rotation. I have a young daughter, Brynn, a son, Jack, and 13-year-old chocolate named Bo who will always be our oldest kid.

I had a patient who broke his arm and was treated in a cast. When he would come to clinic for follow-up visits, he would do the best Transformers impression! He would walk to the door, drop down to the floor, "transform" into a car using his cast as a prop and pop back up again. Needless to say, he was a staff favorite!


I love to have fun in the office, but honesty and respect are at the core of my practice as a physician. I treat every child as if he or she were my own. I believe it is important to include both the parents and their children in the decision-making process. My goal for every family is that you leave my office with a clear understanding of your child's diagnosis and their treatment course."

I organize a yearly tailgate to a UT football game where we bring together everyone in the office as well as their families to enjoy good barbeque and fellowship outside of work. I’m also known as a bit of a prankster in the office. 

I love exploring all that Austin has to offer on the weekends from outdoor hikes to breweries with my family and friends. 

Kids are constantly growing. It is imperative to stretch to prevent injury in order to avoid time off sports. Overuse injuries are the most common injuries in children. These can be avoided by both adequate rest and stretching.  

There was a patient who sustained a lawnmower injury when I was on call and I had to perform a below knee amputation. He received a prosthesis and 2 months later walked into my clinic with his prosthesis on smiling from ear to ear. The resilience of kids amazes me. 

My subspecialty interests include pediatric and adolescent sports medicine and trauma as well as developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).

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