Hand and upper extremity pains and injuries are some of the common injuries sustained by children. These conditions can greatly affect how your child interacts with the world.


CTPO provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, management, surgical procedures, and follow-up care for children and adolescents with congenital hand conditions, systemic disorders like juvenile idiopathic arthritis, hand tumors, and hand and upper extremity trauma.


  • Finger fracture

  • Nail injury

  • Growth plate injury / fracture

  • Duplicate thumb / polydactyly

  • Syndactyly (webbed or conjoined fingers)

  • Extra digits

  • Tendon laceration / injury

  • Congenital hand defect / abnormality

  • Cleft hand

  • No hand

  • Wrist fracture

  • Scaphoid fracture

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