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Getting Back to Being Active: Five Tips After an Injury

Thanks to our experience and resources, we’re experts on how to treat pediatric orthopedic injuries quickly and effectively. But treating an injury is a multi-part process, and curing it doesn’t stop with the last office visit.  Although we love to see all of our patients, we would rather see them injury and pain free then suffering from repeat orthopedic injuries.  We asked around the office and here are the top five CTPO tips for getting back to activity safely:

Take it slow

We have been treating young patients for years, and among the many things we have learned, we are constantly reminded of one: kids are impatient. One could argue that, relatively speaking, one week in the mind of a 10-year old may feel much longer than how an adult may experience one more week in their lives. So when a kid has been cleared to play baseball, for example, they might feel like instantly sprinting out towards the field and slide into first base when they should be taking it slow with their recovery. Time is important so the injury doesn’t reoccur. Our patient must be patient — no pun intended.

Listen to your body

Every person is different, and there are many variables in any treatment plan. Before jumping back into action at 100%, get a feel for your body, your bones, your joints and how they move after staying away from your usual actions. It may be that the body still needs more time to heal completely — there’s no problem with that.

Follow through on medical advice

Our staff is always here to listen, so if there are any questions about the treatment or recovery please ask. And once you get an answer from us, follow through on the plan. We hate to keep you away from your daily activities, but we want our patients to heal quickly and correctly.  Following through on medical advice gives you the best chance for a safe and long-term recovery.

Do your homework

The body doesn’t heal all at once, and even after a patient is past an injury, there might still be crucial physical therapy necessary. PT is very important to recovery, and a key part of the healing process. Don’t skip it!

Follow up

Check in with your body and if you notice any new or returning pain or injury, let your CTPO team know. The sooner you get them involved, the faster we can treat  (and prevent!) an injury — whether it’s related to the original one or not.

Orthopedic recovery isn’t necessarily fast, but it is important.  Listening to your body and following through with medical advice is the best way to prevent repeat injuries that can be even more severe. If you have any questions about your recovery, treatment or suspect you may have a reinjury on your hands, give us a call at 512-478-8116.



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