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Getting To Know Dr. Catherine Sargent

When thinking of Dr. Sargent, the first thing that comes to mind is "team player." She known around the office to help out by lending a hand whenever she can and doing what needs to be done, whether that's putting patients in rooms if the staff is tied up, getting snacks for the team to keep them going, or answering a phone (she can't walk by one ringing without doing so!).

She cares deeply about our team at CTPO and is always going out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of. Teamwork, kindness, and compassion are the values she believes in most and she emulates them both with her patients and her team. These three values are what Dr. Sargent believes lead to providing the highest standard of care to patients and help them recover from even the most serious of injuries.

When's she's not being a rockstar at work, you can find Dr. Sargent spending as much time as she can with the ones that she loves. Traveling, cooking experiments, and even scuba diving are just some of the activities you can find her and her family partaking in. You might even run into her around town visiting local art galleries, museums, and theaters, as she is a huge fan and supporter of our art community here in Austin. She and her family are also obsessed with all things Star Wars-- the Force is strong with them...

One of the things that Dr. Sargent is most proud of is being one of the few women in orthopedic surgery. Did you know that 90% of orthopedic surgeons are men? Crazy! To do her part to help increase the number of women in the field, Dr. Sargent works with female high school and medical students through the Perry Initiative and the Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society to expose them to the field of orthopedic surgery and hopefully attract them to pursuing a career in it! She's a big believer that when her patients see a woman as an orthopedic surgeon, they realize that there isn't anything women can't do! We love the girl power!

But what drew Dr. Sargent to orthopedics in the first place? Her love of fixing things. The best part of the job for Dr. Sargent is helping patients heal and return to their favorite activities. She approaches each patient as individuals and has their overall well-being in mind when creating a treatment plan. Pediatric patients are not just little adults, they have different needs based on their unique family situation, educational activities, and athletic background, so it's incredibly important to Dr. Sargent to personalize each recovery process for each patient, ensuring the best chance of a full recovery.

Dr. Sargent's support and love for CTPO is fully reciprocated. We're lucky to have an amazing doctor like Dr. Sargent as a part of the CTPO family can't wait to see what the next 30 years of practice brings.

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