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Halloween Safety

Halloween is just around the corner!  We couldn’t be more excited to see the ghosts, princesses, super heroes in our office, but we hope only for trick or treating, not for injuries!  As you prepare for another fun Halloween here in Austin, here are a few tips for keeping your children safe from injury.


Today’s costumes aren’t the bed sheet with eye holes cut out from yesteryear.  With masks, elaborate face paint and sometimes hats and wigs, children have more props today than ever before!  CTPO always sees a few kids on November 1st with sprains, broken bones and injuries caused by ill fitting masks.  

Make sure your child’s costume fits properly and does not block their vision in any way.  It is easy to trip or fall when you’re running from door to door with a bag of candy!  You may consider adding reflective tape to your child’s costume or dropping a glow stick into their candy bag to increase your child’s visibility.  Consider purchasing or making costumes made from soft, flexible materials that will not become sharp if your child falls.


Who doesn’t love a bag full of candy?  Since we’re orthopedists not dentists we’ll save the nutrition and sugar talk for someone else and focus on ideas to keep your kids bones and skeletal system safe!  Trick-or-treating in groups can be fun, especially for small children, but it can increase the risk of tripping on stairs or on your costume.

Encourage your children to walk, not run after they get their treats.  If you can incorporate a flashlight into your child’s costume, do so!  Sidewalks can get dark early this time of year and if you’ve gone to a lot of houses that huge bag of candy may block your vision!  

Cars are always a hazard for trick-or-treaters, so remind your children that while trick or treating is all about them, there may be people on the road who are not driving cautiously and slowly through the neighborhood.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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