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Memorial Day Safety 101

With Memorial Day quickly approaching we wish to take this opportunity to recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of our military, their families and those who have given their lives for our country, especially those Austinites and Texans who have made a difference in our community.

As you remember them this Memorial Day, we hope you do so safely! Here are some things to keep in mind as you celebrate the unofficial kick off to summer:

Use Safety Equipment

Ready to break out the bikes? The trampoline? Time out on a boat? Use the recommended safety equipment. Kids learn from their parents so if they see you wearing a helmet or life vest, they are likely to put up less of a fight. If you’re heading out to use a trampoline, follow our trampoline safety recommendations to reduce the risk of ending up in our office on your holiday weekend.

Respect the Cast!

Casts are never fun, especially in the summer! But, not taking care of your cast may increase the time your child needs to wear it. Although it is getting hotter here in Austin, please do not put ice or ice packs in the cast.  If you have a waterproof cast, you can run cool water through the cast.  If you have a regular cast, putting the cast in front of a fan can help.  Remember that the skin under the cast is delicate, so even if the heat makes it itchy, do not scratch the area or put anything in or near your cast. Doing so can lead to injury of the skin and infection.  Check out our cast care faqs for more information.

Ladders, oh no!

When you think about ladders, you are probably thinking about construction ladders. The truth is there are ladders all around us – in the pool, on the playground slide and even at the skate park.  Are any of these places you’ll be this Memorial Day weekend? If so, remind young children to climb the ladder one rung at a time and not to stand at the bottom waiting for someone to go up.  Remind older children and teens to secure equipment like roller blades and skateboards before the climb a ladder – it is easier to slip when your hands are full!

Looking for stuff to do around Austin memorial day weekend?  The Austin Visitor’s Bureau has some great social distancing approved suggestions!

Holiday weekends are a great time for families to be together and create new memories.  Unfortunately we see an increase in fractures and emergency room visits over holiday weekends, even when parents take the best precautions.  If your child experiences a fall, trip or trauma that causes discomfort, pain or a visible fracture, give us a call. You can reach at CTPO medical professional at 512-478-8116. We offer same day appointments at our Central and Cedar Park locations. If you do decide to spend Memorial Day outdoors, remember to keep your distance from those around you to slow the spread of Covid-19!



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