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Preventing Pediatric Injuries

It may still seem like summer, but Fall means fun here in Austin, especially for our patients!  We love seeing everyone enjoying the weather, but we don’t like seeing patients as a result of an injury from falling, bike riding or climbing.  We’ve put together a list of common pediatric injuries and some tips on how to avoid them.


You’ve probably heard this from us before, but falls are always at the top of our list for common injuries.  Although trampolines are consistently one of the number one causes of fall injuries, we also see a significant number of children who fall from playground equipment.  Climbing and playing is an important part of childhood so don’t limit your child’s playtime at the playground. Instead, find playgrounds that have a thick layer of mulch, rubber tire or soft cushioning below the equipment.  

These surfaces can make a big difference in absorbing the impact of a fall and reducing the risk of injury.   If your child does fall and complains about pain, or if you see redness or swelling give us a call – we offer same day appointments for injuries.  If your child falls and you suspect there may be a head injury or your child seems dazed, unable to focus or has slurred speech, do not move your child and call 9-1-1.


Whether you have a preschooler just learning to ride on training wheels or a teen cycling champion, bicycle-related injuries rise in the summer.  Fractured arms or legs are common, but we also see back, neck and head injuries.  Wearing a bike helmet is crucial to protecting your child from these injuries.  Set a good example for your child and wear a helmet yourself.  If your child feels more comfortable learning with elbow pads or knee pads, encourage their use.  Check the fit of your child’s bike regularly – we all know how quickly kids grow!

ATVs & Golf Carts

It probably goes without saying, but ATVs and golf carts are also part of the “usual suspects” when it comes to pediatric injuries.  Parental supervision is key when riding these vehicles.

Don’t let young children ride with an older sibling without reviewing rules or limitations.  Remind teens to have fun, but drive carefully.   These vehicles rarely have seat belts or restraints, so fall injuries are common.

We hope you won’t see the inside of a hospital, but we’re always here if you need us!  Our staff has privileges at local hospitals, including Dell Children’s Hospital and North Austin Medical Center and can assist your child in treating his or her injury and following up post-treatment.  

We offer same day appointments for injuries, so give us a call at 512.478.8116.                                                                       



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