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Getting to Know Megan Redlich

When kids are in physical therapy, it's usually not the easiest thing they'll ever do but it is crucial. Making physical therapy fun, whether through exercises or conversations, is definitely one of the secrets to help recovery and Megan Redlich is the expert in that. They don't call her Miss Sunshine for nothing!

One of the parts of PT that Megan enjoys the most is the puzzle of finding out exactly how to get a patient’s “buy-in.” It can range from a bubbly environment, a diagram of anatomical structures, or just someone who genuinely cares for them. Getting that buy-in helps her develop a better, more customized plan to help her patients recovery not only healthily but having fun as they do so.

Her favorite part of the job is the relationships she gets to build with patients and their families. Knowing the impact she can have on a child’s health and long term well-being as she teaches them about their own bodies and its ability to heal is why she is so passionate about PT. Having both her patients and their parents understand the importance that an active, healthy lifestyle will be in the long run and the positive effects it has on the human body is one of the biggest goals she has when working with patients.

Megan truly loves what she does and it's clear by both her hard work and what she values most. Putting 110% into her patient’s care and always working to be the best in the field is just one of the many reasons she is so great at what she does. She genuinely cares about the well being of every person who walks through the door and it's what makes her a fantastic physical therapist.

We're so incredibly thankful to have Megan here at CTPO as our constant ray of "Sunshine," and can't wait to see her to continue to spread her shine to all her patients!

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