As a native Austinite, I started the practice in 1990 with the goal of seeing any child who truly needed pediatric orthopedic care and to provide as good of care as anywhere in the country. 

I love working with kids and am blessed to have three of my own, along with two grandchildren with my wife of 38 years. 


Being a parent is the most difficult thing we do but most important and most rewarding."

I once had a 3-year-old tell me, after smelling my coffee breath, that I had BAD breath, to mom's total horror. 3-year-olds are always honest!"



Loud walking and talking & always wearing my boots. 

Playing with my grandchildren, traveling and hunting. 

I had a patient who inherited a bone disorder and her firstborn child had the same condition. Mom gave me a big hug when she came in with her baby and told me she wouldn't take her anywhere else. 

My subspecialty interests include pediatric spinal disorders and other complicated congenital abnormalities.

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