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Getting To Know Chelsey Dempski

One of the most important things for a physical therapist when working with a patient is to develop a level of trust. Without it, both the patient and the physical therapist's job are harder and could lead to a slower recovery.

Creating a trusting friendship with her patients is what Chelsey Dempski is known for at CTPO and is just one of the many things that make her such an amazing physical therapist.

She loves getting to hang out with the kids each day and find things they have in common-- whether it's that they're both athletes or that they have a Netflix show or video game they both love. Finding common ground and making therapy more fun while getting her patients healthy is the best part of Chelsey's job.

One heartwarming moment that Chelsey remembers fondly was getting a handwritten note from one of her 5-year-old patients asking her to come to his first t-ball game. After receiving a note like that, she knew she definitely had to go. When he saw her at the game, he got so excited and it was obvious he was super happy to see that she came! He even came over and showed off his uniform and baseball cap and even wanted to share his post-game snack (who would turn down those orange slices?) It was an incredibly fun experience that she'll never forget.

At CTPO, she's also known for tossing a ball around between patients and bringing “life” to the cast saws in the office. In the past few years, she's had them become R2D2 and even a Minion for Halloween and it's always fun to see what she has in store for them each year!

When she's not working or attending t-ball games, Chelsey loves spending time outside with her husband and dog doing all sorts of fun activities: camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and everything in-between. But when it's looking like a lazy day, a good nap with her cat is almost always on the agenda.


Chelsey has been an amazing addition to the CTPO team since she came on in 2014 and we're so lucky to have someone as amazing as her with us! We also can't wait to see what the cast saws become this year for Halloween!

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