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Getting to Know Dr. Hilton Gottschalk

Often referred to as "Dr. Sidechalk" and "Chalkboard," Dr. Gottschalk is no stranger to busting out into song and showing off his sweet dance moves in the office. If you ask nicely he'll even give you demo of both! When he's not performing office karaoke or showing off his killer moves, after work you can find him playing tennis or fishing, though not at the same time even though that would be entertaining to watch! Keeping up with his 2 children Chance and Ella is something that also keeps him constantly on the move and on his toes and he's blessed to have a wife who not only is a great partner but a very, very patient one.

With a sense of humor of "a 9 year-old boy," Dr. Gottschalk has a kinship with kids and is one of the reasons he truly loves working with them. One of his favorite parts of the job is getting to meet all the great families and kids that come through CTPO but on the flip side the hardest part of the job is having to say goodbye once the kids get better. While goodbyes are always sad, at the end of the day it's all about improving the quality of life for patients and helping them get back to their lives.

One of the things Dr. Gottschalk looks forward to is hearing from parents months and even years after their child's injury and giving him an update. Seeing all the things they have accomplished in the time since he last saw them and seeing children achieve their goals and dreams makes all the hard work worth it to him. This great relationship he develops with his patients all stems from his goal of providing an environment where both the parent and child feel like they are a part of the family - assuming they really like their family!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing doctor and person as a part of our CTPO family!

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