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Getting to know Dr. Matt Ellington

For some people like Dr. Ellington, sports and athletics is in their blood. Growing up in a small town in East Texas as a 6th generation Texan, he started playing football and baseball when he was young.

He continued his career in sports at Austin College where he was a four-year starting center on the football team and served as captain of the team his senior year. So for Dr. Ellington, sports are not just a hobby but a way of life.

His extensive sports background gives him the unique ability to understand the demands athletes face and it's why he takes such pride in getting athletes back on the field and back to their activities as efficiently as possible. It's Dr. Ellington's favorite part of the job.

Dr. Ellington loves pediatrics in particular because the patients are just more fun! He was inspired to specialize in pediatric orthopedics because he felt he could make a significant difference in the lives of children and families. Dr. Ellington sees patients with a wide variety of injuries and disorders, but specializes in sports injuries and hip disorders. 

While he is our office prankster, honesty and respect are at the core of what he does as a physician. He strives to treat every child as if they were his own and believes it is important to include both the parents and the children in the decision-making process. Dr. Ellington's goal for every family is that they have a positive visit and leave our office with a clear understanding of the diagnosis and treatment course. Kids are not "little adults" and thus cannot be treated like adults with their treatment, so Dr. Ellington tailors every recovery process to children and their unique needs.

Although he loves coming to work, Dr. Ellington also loves to smoke meat and is the proud owner of a Big Green Egg (yum!). He even uses this hobby to organize a tailgate every year at a UT football game and brings everyone from the office together to enjoy good barbecue and fellowship outside of work. In his spare time he enjoys sports (did we already mention that?), spending time outdoors with his family and of course, grilling!

We love having Dr. Ellington as a part of the CTPO team and are excited to have him along for the journey of our next 30 years!

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