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Meet Dr. Kathleen Rickert

Dr. Kathleen Rickert is one of those rare people who find true joy in their career. She has a passion for taking care of children and enriching their lives, along with the lives of their families. She loves her work and treats her patients as if they were her own family, advocating for their best interests.

Dr. Rickert believes that listening to her patients and their families is essential for providing quality care. She makes sure to address all of their concerns and needs, whether they have a simple or a complex diagnosis. She also helps them understand their condition and treatment options, and supports them through their emotional journey.

She knows that seeing a doctor and having surgery can be scary, so she tries to ease their nerves with some hilarious (or terrible!) dad jokes at appointments. She really enjoys seeing their smiles and receiving high fives and hugs after a successful recovery.

When Dr. Rickert isn't working, she likes to spend time with her husband, two boys and three dogs here in Austin. She also loves riding horses and traveling to new places, so feel free to ask her about her favorite destinations!

CTPO is beyond thrilled to have Dr. Rickert join the practice and we know the Austin area will love her too. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Rickert or schedule and appointment with her click here!

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