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Getting to Know Kevin McHorse

As someone who's lived in Austin his entire life, Kevin McHorse is one of the few people who can probably say he knows everyone and actually mean it. Folks are constantly baffled by how he seems to know or have a random connection to almost every patient that comes into the office. It also helps that he's been with CTPO for more than 19 years!

When he's not at work playing "seven degrees of separation from Kevin McHorse," you can find him spending time outdoors with his wife and teenagers, playing tennis, or working on an outdoor project! Oh, and his entire extended family lives in Austin as well so there is a ton of family time in his off hours!

One of the things Kevin values most about being a pediatric physical therapist is connection, value, and hard work. He is always searching for a way to connect with each and every patient and also offer complete transparency of the physical therapy process with them along the way. Making sure his patients have the best outcome is the core of who he is and their success makes every ounce of hard work worth it at the end of the day.

The best part of his job is helping kids get better--simple as that! He loves the challenge that c

ome along with identifying each patient's unique situation and requirements. Ultimately though, he reminds patients that the most important person that can help them get better is themselves.

Kevin is there to make the plan and offer guidance and motivation every step of the way, but only the patient can put in the work to make their rehab successful. It ends up being an even sweeter victory at the end when the patient recovers and they realize how strong they are. Mind over matter!

The one piece of advice Kevin always shares with parents is the importance of prioritizing long term health over short term health. It can be incredibly devastating it to pull a child out of current activities/sports when injured, for both the child and parent, but risking long term or even permanent injury is almost never worth the short term gain.

The game coming up can feel like the biggest moment of your child's life, but it's more important to keep them healthy so they can eventually return vs. risking them not being able returning at all.

Helping a young patient understand and accept this truth while acknowledging how hard it is for them is they key for a healthy and happy recovery. And Kevin is right there to coach our patients through these types of challenging decisions.

Kevin is incredibly passionate about injury prevention as well and has created an ACL Injury Prevention program that we share with athletic programs in Central Texas.

We're so lucky to have had Kevin with us for more than 19 years at CTPO and are incredibly thankful for all that he's done for Austin's kids. We're so excited to see what the future has in store!

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