My favorite part of my job is simply seeing each kid succeed in therapy and their joy in knowing they have overcome an injury or problem and are back to doing what they want to do.  For many, they are dealing with an injury for the first time and it is mentally and physically traumatic to them.  Seeing them smile and knowing that they are “themselves” again is so rewarding.


I have a loving wife who is also a physical therapist and works for AISD.  I have 2 kids: my daughter, Robin, is a senior and my son, Drew, is a Freshman.  Both play sports and are involved in many school activities.  We also have 2 cats and a yellow lab (who the cats think is their Mom).  As a family, we like to hang out, be goofy, have fun and enjoy making each other laugh.  We are involved in our church and love to take fun vacations when we can."

I enjoy being with my family and especially cheering on and watching my kids sports/activities.  I like to ski, play golf, exercise/work out, watch sports, movie nights at home, trying new restaurants, and fishing/hunting when I get a chance.

  • Texas A&M University

  • Texas Woman’s University - M.S. in Physical Therapy

  • 21+ years of specializing in Outpatient/Sports Medicine

There are many tips depending on the parent/situation, but one that is important from the very beginning for the patient and parent is:  Success with therapy will be significantly related to how well your child does his/her home exercises and follows restrictions/instructions.   

My personal values include faith, hard work, personal responsibility, and honesty and they carry over directly into my PT work.   I believe I must honestly assess and inform patients and parents of the issues related to the injury and give them a clear understanding of expectations and what it will take to get better.  In many cases, this involves hard work by the patient and always age appropriate personal responsibility to achieve their goal.   

I played sports growing up, ran track at Texas A&M and have had to personally overcome injuries/surgeries.   Those experiences have helped guide my understanding of the physical and mental toll an injury can take as well as the process to overcome it.  I also understand the anxiety that occurs as a parent when your child is injured, as I have 2 active kids who have had to overcome injuries to get back to their sports/normal activities.  In my personal experience, it has been harder as the parent as we hate to see anything happen to our kids.  On the other hand, it is so encouraging now to have seen them overcome an injury and be stronger mentally and better equipped to handle setbacks in the future.  

When a parent tells you after therapy how much of an impact you had on their child it is always heartwarming, but I think the most heartwarming experiences I have had are the occasions when a parent has reached out to me years later to share a college admissions, or scholarship essay, a former patient has written about me as someone who has positively shaped their life.

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