I have found that many times in healthcare, providers will think of what is better for themselves before what is better for the patient. I have tried to maintain the humility to always focus on what’s best for the patient as a guiding principle. 

I’ve been married to wife, Jeanette, for 25 wonderful years. We love to travel together and spend time at our home in Colorado. I also enjoy watching my daughter, Emma, at her school performances and visiting my boys, Sam and James, at Colorado State and LSU.


I have a calm demeanor, but I am very introspective and spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to help a child."

When I first moved to Austin, I was getting ready for work one morning when I decided I would sweep off my back porch…in just my underwear. I got locked out of my house without keys or a cellphone and had to climb over my neighbor’s fence to knock on the door, again in my underwear.


I wound up being about an hour late for clinic and told a few of my patients this story. At the time, I was getting ready to get married to my lovely wife, Jeanette. When one of my patients came back for a follow-up visit, they were kind enough to bring me a wedding gift: black silk boxer shorts."



I have been known to stand on my head a time or two to demonstrate my yoga skills. And my hair is frequently sticking up.

Making my own pottery, furniture building, and the occasional welding project.

Allow your children to find their own passion.

I have a young man who I have seen for many years for a chest and spine deformity. I have essentially cared for him since birth. Just recently, our whole office was able to celebrate his 13th birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” to him. 

My subspecialty interests include pediatric spinal disorders and other complicated congenital abnormalities.

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