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Summer Cast Care

Know What Type Of Cast You Have

At CTPO we use a variety of materials for casts.  Ask your physician if a waterproof cast is appropriate for your injury and covered by your insurance. If so, great!  If not, there are many water resistant cast covers on the market that can give you a bit of breathing room when it comes to getting the cast wet.  

Ask your CTPO medical team for recommendations and suggestions, and pay attention to any limitations we may recommend for your cast type.

Beat the Heat

Children commonly complain about itchiness under their cast, especially in the summer.  This itchiness can be caused by many things: dry skin, dampness or moisture from sweat, or heat.  Don’t ever put anything in or on your cast to scratch the itch or calm the itch.  We know it is hard!  

Scratching the skin will increase the chance of a skin infection or ulceration. Remember, you can’t clean the area under the cast!  Although ice seems like an easy option, don’t put ice in your cast. Even that small amount of water can be difficult to dry and can lead to dampness in your padding, which increases the risk of skin breakdown and smelly casts!  

Do put your cast in front of a fan or a hair dryer on the cool setting.  Cool air is actually a great way to stop the itching on your skin and won’t damage your cast or padding.  Drinking liquids, especially water, can decrease the discomfort of heat related itching. A well hydrated body is less likely to overheat.  Popsicles are a great summer treat for keeping kids cool and hydrated!

Avoid the sand

Heading to the beach this summer?  Sand in a cast is no fun.  Put the cast in a plastic bag or a waterproof protector when you’re at the beach.  Even a small amount of sand between the cast padding and the skin can cause discomfort and increase the risk of skin breakdown and infection. Take sand seriously!

Leave the cutting to us!

It may be tempting to cut the padding or remove padding from inside the cast in the summer

Please leave the adjustments to us – we’re happy to make adjustments to increase your child’s comfort.  

Damaging the padding, even as insignificant as it may seem, can reduce the strength of the cast and even the comfort.  If your child experiences swelling below the cast or in the cast due to the heat, or has difficulty moving toes or fingers of an injured limb, give us a call immediately.

It isn’t always easy to care for a cast, especially in the summer. If you have any concerns about the fit of your child’s cast, your child’s discomfort, or experience any excessive swelling, a fever of 101F or higher, please give us a call at 512-478-8116.  



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